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Susan BiographySusan O’Hara has an interest in families and how they can remain strong in the face of adversity. After a time of being a single-parent she wondered, “What is the meaning of the term, quality time?”  She began a journey, which has become part of the answer to that question. She began diligently researching ways to improve family relations and  encouraging harmony to flourish in the homes.  Susan wishes to share some of the answers she has found with all families and friends of families. Her efforts have been culminated in the four "Family Enrichment Tools" she has developed for families to bring the teller into the home. These family experiences combine her experience with family literacy programs, where she was the resident storyteller twice on grants given to the Library System in her home county, with her love of reading inspirational and motivational books and her desire to constantly improve herself to serve others. 
Susan was an award winning Toastmaster for eight years and became a storyteller in 1997. She is currently a member of the Florida Storytelling Association, and National Storytelling Network. In 2003-2004, she was the secretary of the Florida Storytelling Association. In 2002, Susan studied Bunny Photo Gallerycoaching under Doug Lipman, a National Storytelling Coach, and applies those teachings in her workshops and online coaching for families.  She constantly pursues new ways to apply storytelling and has recently (July 2008) traveled to Gatlinburg, TN to take part in the National Storytelling Workshop "Storytelling in Organizations".  Susan is currently finishing work on her Oral Arts Certificate from Roswell Storytelling Festival. 
Susan continues building more stories and programs to stretch and grow her talent and wisdom. Join Home Club for Sock PuppetsAfter all, that is what a storyteller is most about, sharing talent and wisdom so that all might benefit. Hope is a strong human emotion, it fills us up with positive actions which pull us through the worst of times. Hope is there when there is a storytelling in progress. Hope is lost if a community doesn’t have that one treasure.
Her family coaching philosophies come from a fervent belief that we all have the ability to learn new things and to find the best of creative genius right within ourselves if given the opportunity. She hopes to conquer the fears of young parents everywhere and allow them the freedom to enjoy their parenthood.  Her love of children is nurtured today by children’s smiles everywhere she tells stories. A laugh from an adult is just as precious for her as if it had been the laughter of a child. It is the laugh which signifies she has reached that adult’s child within. The laugh, which has touched a core of memory, which has elicited that delightful sound of a release of tension and letting go back into the past of a pleasant time. To release such tension is often a healing experience. Why do parent’s use bed time stories? Susan knows why!  Why should parent’s use stories to teach, to instruct and to lead their children away from trouble? Stories connect; they don’t disconnect two individuals. Anger, and heated vulgar words, disconnect and then trust is hard to reestablish in any relationship.

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Have you ever seen a storyteller perform and wish that you could bring the teller home? Wouldn't it be nice to have the storyteller sit with you and your children to breathe life into your family night?
Have you ever wondered what would inspire your children to read and love reading?  Would you like to get your children excited about reading in 30 minutes or less!?! 
Wouldn't it be nice to bring the storyteller into your home?
Well, Storyhub® has created for your family night, a reading program with beautifully handcrafted books, which are individually made with the finest paper, and a laminated cover.  Inside each book, there is fine art throughout, a wholesome story, and a beautifully labeled CD, with the voice of our professional Storyhub® storyartist and author, Susan O'Hara guiding you thru the program.  Susan brings the story to life in such a way as to inspire everyone to exercise their imagination and listening skills. This family reading program is so powerful that children usually want to get the book from you before you can even open it! 

More about Home-TalesDesigned especially for parents and grandparents, this in-home family reading programwill provide a wonderful opportunity to bond with the children in your life in a very exciting way. With our storyteller on your team, you will be able to share stories in a way you never dreamed possible. This in-home family night programoffers you and your children time to sit together as a family, and enrich the loving bond that has been there since before their birth. Turn off the TV.  Turn your eyes to their eyes and watch their souls light up as the storyteller brings the story to life. Then as questions arise take time to answer your children's questions and take this wonderful opportunity to share your life long wisdom with them.  We encourage you to also ask thought provoking questions of your little ones to lead them into some of their very first conversations with you.  We have had parents come back to us with the positive stories of their adventures into this Storyhub® experience with their children.  They and their children want more! more...
For clients interested in producing "wholesome family entertainment" Storyhub® offers high production value at extremely affordable rates (too low to publish online). Storyhub® offers writing assistance, casting assistance, location assistance, editing assistance, wardrobe or costume assistance, sound effects library, lighting, feature grade sound, multiple HD cameras, grip, super quite generator, and live sound support with emphasis on clean recordable audio under windy conditions. Our production value has placed several producer's products on national television networks including KTV, My Family TV, and CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network).

Live worldwide video and audio broadcasting via the internet is also available.  Our production expertise has helped deliver higher production value to a live broadcast to over 100 countries in conjunction with the production of a major ABC network show. That show routinely reaches an audience of 12 million viewers. This live broadcast coverage was the first ever produced in the 8 seasons of the show.

Storyhub® productions are focused on assisting clients and independent producers, with low budgets, to produce commercials, industrials, interviews, shorts, music videos, documentaries, episodics, live broadcasts, and features with one catch - content approval.  If Storyhub® can approve the content then our resources are made available in order to deliver a saleable product with high production value for an incredibly affordable price.

Sound is typically the weakest link in most low budget productions. Many production companies will use cheaper equipment to produce low budget productions even if they own feature grade equipment. Storyhub® began doing production sound for feature films in 2000. The same equipment used on high budget features is also used on low budget productions along with the same skill level. This service alone typically costs more than our rates for complete production services (lighting, multiple cameras, sound, electric, etc.)

Storyhub® offers this production edge to help encourage more "wholesome family" productions.
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